08 June 2018

... and 4K disks!

It's Sony again, the X700
This is the budget player so it has some esoteric features removed, mostly stuff a smart TV has anyway.

My A/V unit doesn't support 4K but Sony have a work round, plug the player directly into the TV and then add a second cable to the A/V for sound.

4K disk buyers beware! There is a lot of 'Ultra HD' in the shops that isn't 4K at all, it uses HD masters and upscales them to 4K which is what a 4K TV does anyway. Here's a cheat list:
Real or Fake 4K

YouTube has 4K demos such as
Wildlife in 4K

06 June 2018

Spacesheeting 63

The transition of EVE downloadable data from XML tables to SWAGGER has reached the point where the old system has been discontinued, which leaves me no choice but to convert.

SWAGGER is more complicated as it uses temporary tokens to get access to private data. This allows third-party apps to display your secret stuff without having access to your password, and that isn't easy to implement with a spreadsheet! However, a nice person wrote a guide:

Right now I have the tables up and running, the next task is to get the many spreadsheet references to point to them. Which, with INDEX MATCH arrays, is a pain.

[added] Finished! Took six weeks!! Everything seems to be back to normal, updating generates a lot of error messages but these can be ignored.

05 January 2018

New TV

Santa gave me a new TV this year, a Sony Bravia KD55XE9005
It's pretty, but let's quibble!

The control system is labyrinthine. The most used bits are in an "Action Menu", the rest is buried at the bottom of the Android Home page that has the Netflix/Amazon pay us $$$ links I don't use. Sony has abandoned manuals in favour of Internet help pages, up to date but slower to access.

The previous TV couldn't cope with 1080p, no problem with this one. The computer's graphics card is willing to display 2160p but with my present three screen setup (!!) runs hotter if it does, more so with games. EVE would be unplayable anyway due to tiny text, a known problem.
4K is presently only broadcast by subscription, so that will have to wait.

The Humax Satbox and Sony disk player link in, the Sony Amp allows sound control or full control but not both.

The TV comes with an "IR Blaster" that ingeniously attaches to devices and replaces their remote controls to some extent. The Humax TV guide is however easier to use and has built-in catch-up streaming, the TV can access it but is inclined to cause screen freeze if the wrong button is pressed.

Time wasted trying to fix satellite cable only to accidentally find it was the HDMI plug next to it that was loose. Grr.

Mirroring from tablet to big screen is easy - one button.
Tablet remote control app? Fine!