06 February 2017


Oh dear - not been killed in EVE for a long while. I forgot that War Declarations only expire 24 hours after the clock runs out and got ambushed in my big fat freighter.
In EVE you wake up in a new clone minus your expensive implants and with a depleted bank balance, a totally unpleasant experience.

20 January 2017

Nothing of Interest

The big change in EVE last year was a new range of player owned space stations, so my Corporation built one. It's a robot factory called "Nothing of Interest" orbiting the innermost moon of a gas giant, a pretty spot.
Editing the spreadsheet to take account of the various advantages not renting factory space provides has been tricky, but if I've got it right the green lights say we are in for a profitable year. Assuming no one decides to blow it up that is.

23 October 2016


Yes, here we go again. Civilisation VI runs fine, thinks it has Saved, no error message - but doesn't. 'Run as Admin' fixed this, because presumably it was trying to save into a protected folder.

09 September 2016

Dust in the machine

A friend was having computer power cutouts - possibly the power supply - but I suggested checking temperatures first. So we both installed Speedfan and goodness, it was my machine that was overheating!
So off with the cover and in with the vacuum cleaner. Success! The CPU fan is now speeding up properly.
Speedfan can also adjust speeds and do other geeky stuff, so I tweaked to slow speeds when not busy.
[added] ... and in my friend's case it was dog hair!

16 July 2016

Android fun

The new phone came with standard Android, so I've so far added
Google Maps
Prime Dice, for polyhedral dice rolling during roleplaying games
Greenify, a battery saver. It does just one thing, puts apps into hibernation when the screen is dark.
SyncMe, for transferring photos to the computer

And yes, I had malware already despite only downloading from the Google Store. A screen asking to install 'Facebook Patch 4' was popping up after boots - and I don't have Facebook installed.
[added] Two anti-virus apps found nothing but the third - AVG - said to disable a preinstalled Google looking file and that worked.

11 June 2016

Smarter Phone

My old phone was not dumb, just old and its memory was limited. I don't use my mobile much, it's for emergencies not nattering, so this time something cheap.
Haweel H1
A Chinese Android device. It comes with everything except the expensive bits - no 4G, no hi-res screen.
No it isn't a standard SIM slot as the spec says, it's a mini. No problem, I had a spare SIM card. Which means... new mobile number and wandering through the EE website to get it registered.
The battery had clear tape stuck over its contacts that has to be removed and that's the thing the manual doesn't tell you. Fortunately Amazon does.
It came with a Europlug, but I have spare UK adaptors.
For the rest see the link page which has good reviews.

18 February 2016

Run as administrator

So I just spend another happy time wrestling with a program that hung when run - the skin installer in Rainmeter. And yes, setting 'Run as administrator' solved it. Microsoft really don't like users changing this, so it's in the basement with the faulty light switch in the folder marked 'beware of the leopard' (© Douglas Adams).

Rainmeter is a free system that behaves rather like Gadgets, adding assorted little apps to the desktop.