16 July 2016

Android fun

The new phone came with standard Android, so I've so far added
Google Maps
Prime Dice, for polyhedral dice rolling during roleplaying games
Greenify, a battery saver. It does just one thing, puts apps into hibernation when the screen is dark.
SyncMe, for transferring photos to the computer
Avast Virus checker and Cleanup.

And yes, I had malware already despite only downloading from the Google Store. A screen asking to install 'Facebook Patch 4' was popping up after boots - and I don't have Facebook installed. It appears to be in the preinstalled Browser.

11 June 2016

Smarter Phone

My old phone was not dumb, just old and its memory was limited. I don't use my mobile much, it's for emergencies not nattering, so this time something cheap.
Haweel H1
A Chinese Android device. It comes with everything except the expensive bits - no 4G, no hi-res screen.
No it isn't a standard SIM slot as the spec says, it's a mini. No problem, I had a spare SIM card. Which means... new mobile number and wandering through the EE website to get it registered.
The battery had clear tape stuck over its contacts that has to be removed and that's the thing the manual doesn't tell you. Fortunately Amazon does.
It came with a Europlug, but I have spare UK adaptors.
For the rest see the link page which has good reviews.

18 February 2016

Run as administrator

So I just spend another happy time wrestling with a program that hung when run - the skin installer in Rainmeter. And yes, setting 'Run as administrator' solved it. Microsoft really don't like users changing this, so it's in the basement with the faulty light switch in the folder marked 'beware of the leopard' (© Douglas Adams).

Rainmeter is a free system that behaves rather like Gadgets, adding assorted little apps to the desktop.

15 January 2016

Spacesheeting 2.0

The EVE spreadsheet continued to grow last year and now has graphs. This one measures the progress of my manufacturing corporation Trikassi Enterprises. Spotting bad trends that can be corrected has been a considerable help, overstocking (the orange line) for example.
The dark green line is the book value of the corporation, currently about $1,500 in RL money though unlike Second Life I can't cash it in. The Corp does pay for the game subscription, $30/month for my two accounts.

18 December 2015


Oh dear - my old website host who were excellent were bought out and migration is under way. So far so good - Nominet mailed me to say they'd registered the transfer and the website just came back on line.
Now I have to learn how to use a different access panel, or preferably get my elderly Win95 FTP program connected.
[added] The FTP setup was not obvious, but I just needed the existing ID/Password with a mystery address. And  WS_FTP is still working.

03 September 2015

Auto hide Taskbar Windows 10

There is a tick box for this but sometimes it stops working, leaving the Taskbar up and hiding vital buttons in full screen windows. Go away!
The solution for me was to go to Task Manager/Processes, right click on Windows Explorer and Restart it.

07 August 2015

The last Windows...

...installed today. From now on, continuous small updates.

It was painless, just one "this is taking longer than expected" message. Subsystems then rushed in to do this, that and the other and it's been a slow day. I'm now down to the system using about 5% CPU but a lot more memory.

Runtime broker.exe is apparently a major offender, a W8 housekeeper that looks after Metro but grabs lots of CPU. Google for it.

Microsoft depreciates Gadgets now, but there are third party clones that will display them such as Gadget Installer

Nothing has refused to run yet! My test program here is WebEdit a Win95 HTML editor and it's fine.
EVE Online FPS was dreadful, but I knew the answer to this - run as Admin to allow it to access files in protected folders. It is now running amazingly fast, even at extra shiny spaceship setting. Second Life was unaffected, just lost its password file.

Buried under the new interface is unchanged W7 stuff, Backup for example which just ran out of schedule without asking.

Where did my Libraries go? W10 doesn't display them in Explorer by default, but I managed to find them.

After several weeks memory use is back to W7 levels and background stuff is only running when I'm AFK, I suspect Microsoft are still tweaking this not quite out of Beta system.