25 June 2006

Accidental links

A page on my website had an image called tardis.gif. It comes up if you search Google Images for 'tardis' and since all the other pictures are photos of the Doctor's travelling machine and mine is a floor plan (albeit of the Master's Tardis and entirely non-canon) it gets hits. With the new Dr Who BBC series, lots of hits.
The hits are distorting my Stats Counters, so I changed the name. Now I have to wait for the Google spider to arrive and notice it isn't there any more....

This isn't the only mistaken hit I get. I have a webpage called 'myan.htm', a word I am quite sure I made up (Google agrees with me) but my guess is that people misspelling 'mayan', the Central American civilisation, find it and try the link out of curiosity or because they are surfing too fast.


This blog will be referring to my website 'News from Bree' and my other Internet activities. I do have a life afk as well!