07 August 2015

The last Windows...

...installed today. From now on, continuous small updates.

It was painless, just one "this is taking longer than expected" message. Subsystems then rushed in to do this, that and the other and it's been a slow day. I'm now down to the system using about 5% CPU but a lot more memory.

Runtime broker.exe is apparently a major offender, a W8 housekeeper that looks after Metro but grabs lots of CPU. Google for it.

Microsoft depreciates Gadgets now, but there are third party clones that will display them such as Gadget Installer

Nothing has refused to run yet! My test program here is WebEdit a Win95 HTML editor and it's fine.
EVE Online FPS was dreadful, but I knew the answer to this - run as Admin to allow it to access files in protected folders. It is now running amazingly fast, even at extra shiny spaceship setting. Second Life was unaffected, just lost its password file.

Buried under the new interface is unchanged W7 stuff, Backup for example which just ran out of schedule without asking.

Where did my Libraries go? W10 doesn't display them in Explorer by default, but I managed to find them.

After several weeks memory use is back to W7 levels and background stuff is only running when I'm AFK, I suspect Microsoft are still tweaking this not quite out of Beta system.