18 December 2015

New website provider

Oh dear - my old website host who were excellent were bought out and migration is under way. So far so good - Nominet mailed me to say they'd registered the transfer and the website just came back on line.
Now I have to learn how to use a different access panel, or preferably get my elderly Win95 FTP program connected.
[added] The FTP setup was not obvious, but I just needed the existing ID/Password with a mystery address. And  WS_FTP is still working.

03 September 2015

Auto hide Taskbar Windows 10

There is a tick box for this but sometimes it stops working, leaving the Taskbar up and hiding vital buttons in full screen windows. Go away!
The solution for me was to go to Task Manager/Processes, right click on Windows Explorer and Restart it.

07 August 2015

The last Windows...

...installed today. From now on, continuous small updates.

It was painless, just one "this is taking longer than expected" message. Subsystems then rushed in to do this, that and the other and it's been a slow day. I'm now down to the system using about 5% CPU but a lot more memory.

Runtime broker.exe is apparently a major offender, a W8 housekeeper that looks after Metro but grabs lots of CPU. Google for it.

Microsoft depreciates Gadgets now, but there are third party clones that will display them such as Gadget Installer

Nothing has refused to run yet! My test program here is WebEdit a Win95 HTML editor and it's fine.
EVE Online FPS was dreadful, but I knew the answer to this - run as Admin to allow it to access files in protected folders. It is now running amazingly fast, even at extra shiny spaceship setting. Second Life was unaffected, just lost its password file.

Buried under the new interface is unchanged W7 stuff, Backup for example which just ran out of schedule without asking.

Where did my Libraries go? W10 doesn't display them in Explorer by default, but I managed to find them.

After several weeks memory use is back to W7 levels and background stuff is only running when I'm AFK, I suspect Microsoft are still tweaking this not quite out of Beta system.

17 July 2015

Visible clothes

AMD graphics drivers have for some time had a bug that makes rigged mesh clothes in Second life invisible. This has been fixed in the latest 15.7 driver which is now out of beta testing, I updated today and so far all is good. Yay!

Second Life uses Open GL which AMD don't support that well, though fortunately I've never had the problems others struggle with. The biggest visual glitch is with visually overlapping alpha textures which are often displayed the wrong way round.

16 June 2015

Android lollipop

My Sony tablet is at the back of the queue now for updates, but Android 5.0 arrived unexpectedly last night. Could I stay awake (I was in bed already) to install it? Of course!
OK it took maybe a half hour and that was mostly checking apps (>300 of them?).

Lollipop is a 'back to basics' version, gone is the 3D look which looked nice on a tablet but maybe phone users were not so enthused by it. The App icons are bigger with a row at the bottom staying on screen whilst the rest scroll. The update went back to default so I had to spend a happy time this morning putting my favorites back and removing Google things. Folders are now easier to edit.
There is now just one drop down menu, Google put the Settings button as one of the permanent ones so I'll leave it there.
The running Apps button now displays as a window cascade, not sure about this but it does have a 'Clear All' button now.
Sony as usual haven't tweaked Android much. The Camera menus have changed (again!). A new App 'TV SideView' integrates the Remote Control with a TV Guide, though I have an App for that already.

Oops! SychMe my excellent folder App lost its settings as well... but rebuilt successfully.

03 January 2015


To make stuff in World of Warcraft you need a hammer. In EVE Online you need a spreadsheet.
This is just a corner of my currently 1.2Mb monster, which pulls down data from game databases and tells me what's worth manufacturing. It also does stock control.

I had old XML maps that weren't being used and Excel wouldn't tell me how to delete them. I was looking in the wrong place, the DATA menu and not DEVELOPER which has the XML management section. Bah.
The next step will be to compile a raw material shopping list.