04 July 2006

Currin Trading

Eve on-line (link on left) is my current MMORPG and it's pretty good, or so says where it's currently rated at #1. It's an SF game in which the characters are spaceship pilots, flying around mining, trading and shooting at each other. Anyone who remembers the legendary game 'Elite' will be immediately at home in the Eve universe.

My character happens to be a Trader, hauling all manner of goods between space stations trying to make an honest ISK (InterStellar Kredit). Now while Eve has a complex market system and allows electronic ISK transfer it doesn't have a banking system, so players have stepped in to fill this void with all manner of investment schemes. Some are genuine, raising capital to build space stations for example, but others are...

The most famous heist to date has been that pulled off by the Guiding Hand Social Club, a mercenary group who were hired to wreck the finances of a player Corp and stole 20 billion ISK in doing so. One player wondered if he could better this and the just published Currin Trading tells how he 'liberated' 30 billion all on his own in a classic Ponzi scheme. Fascinating reading.