16 June 2015

Android lollipop

My Sony tablet is at the back of the queue now for updates, but Android 5.0 arrived unexpectedly last night. Could I stay awake (I was in bed already) to install it? Of course!
OK it took maybe a half hour and that was mostly checking apps (>300 of them?).

Lollipop is a 'back to basics' version, gone is the 3D look which looked nice on a tablet but maybe phone users were not so enthused by it. The App icons are bigger with a row at the bottom staying on screen whilst the rest scroll. The update went back to default so I had to spend a happy time this morning putting my favorites back and removing Google things. Folders are now easier to edit.
There is now just one drop down menu, Google put the Settings button as one of the permanent ones so I'll leave it there.
The running Apps button now displays as a window cascade, not sure about this but it does have a 'Clear All' button now.
Sony as usual haven't tweaked Android much. The Camera menus have changed (again!). A new App 'TV SideView' integrates the Remote Control with a TV Guide, though I have an App for that already.

Oops! SychMe my excellent folder App lost its settings as well... but rebuilt successfully.